About Us


Our Team Of Professionals

Founded 20 years ago in Warsaw, Poland by Marcin Hamerla, HEM set out to operate at the forefront of audio technology. Having completed several projects for the Polish government, HEM’s focus shifted to industry-leading digital technology, resulting in a deep understanding of specialist audio electronics and associated marketplaces. Experimenting with hi-res audio, DSD and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) files in particular, HEM designs and manufactures the world’s finest Digital to Analogue converters, as well as related technologies such as streaming high resolution music and essential power supplies. Apart from being responsible for designing and manufacturing audio electronics, HEM distributes several highly-respected audio brands in Europe and Far East, and specializes in both online and direct-to-retail sales. HEM has a direct connection with End-Users with a dedicated after-sales Support Department and fully utilized Help Desk. Because of HEM’s in-house Engineering and Software Programming Division, fields of expertise also include manufacturing of original electronic equipment (OEM) and original electronic designs (ODM). Combining all these aspects, HEM is equipped to serve every region in Europe, North America and the Far East with exceptional audio products and technologies, complemented with tailored distribution and retail options.


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marcin is an Engineer by profession. He designed in many industries (medicine and military) before becoming permanently involved in audio electronics. He is the embodiment of a modern day entrepreneur being an engineer with both technical and business insights. As CEO of HEM, Marcin always puts his employees first. He loves to ride his bicycle whenever he can.


R&D Chief Designer

Paweł is educated as an engineer, so obviously he is interested in electronics. He has been an audio enthusiast since early childhood. Currently, he is both chief architect, device and software designer, as well as manager of the entire R&D team. In addition, he is a fervent musician and live sound engineer.


Head of Production Department

Arkadiusz is focused on improving workplace standards. Realistic and pragmatic are key words in his vocabulary. He is responsible for optimizing production, increasing efficiency as well as leading the technicians and assembly workers teams. He’s always looking for simple and efficient solutions.


Purchase and Logistics Manager

Dariusz sources all the elements needed to efficiently carry out the production process of devices. He organizes assembly at subcontractors and negotiates the best prices.


Head of Sales Department

Dorota can look back on many years of experience in trade at leading companies worldwide. Apart from that, she has an outstanding marketing knowledge and broad competences in the field of human resource management. She also oversees the team responsible for invoicing and shipping. She really is the beating heart of the company.