How is the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge Built?


To answer this question we should begin by explaining how it all started.

Where is Mytek Equipment Designed?

Most people are unaware that Mytek equipment was originally designed not only in Brooklyn, NY. For many years now the design, a majority of engineering plus all software development and manufacturing work has been done by HEM (formerly HEM Electronics) in Poland. The cooperation between Mytek’s founder Michał Jurewicz and Marcin Hamerla started in 1998 when Marcin was asked by Michał to finish the design of complementary pair of Mytek converters: 8x96DA and 8x96AD. After the successful launch of these products, Marcin started to design the firmware for Mytek equipment full time, eventually establishing HEM as an independent company. Then more and more of the responsibility has been passed to HEM in Poland.

Audio Video Show 2019

Knowing that the new HEM headquarters is on the outskirts of Warsaw, it’s not a surprise that the Audio Video Show is an important event on HEM and Mytek trade show list. We were very happy to have our friend John Darko from visit our factory in November during the show.

One of the surprises for John was our offer to DIY Brooklyn Bridge – the latest Mytek DAC or better to say streamer-dac-preamp-headphone-amp multi tool – . Product highlights are full MQA hardware decoder, Roon Ready certification and plethora of options and audio formats supported.

If you want to learn if John had managed to assemble the complete Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, just watch his video below.

New Brooklyn Bridge Firmware

For those of you not having the time to watch John Darko’s video – let me tell you about the fresh new version of Brooklyn Bridge firmware (v 1.30). Among other improvements, it offers a great new feature – album cover art and song title visible on the device display. The DAC firmware can be automatically updated using the latest OTA update feature available from the device menu. Be sure to update the Network Module firmware beforehand. The exact device assembled by John has a special screen visible during the Brooklyn Bridge DAC’s booting-up process.